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Lobster is what we do best!

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When you buy lobsters & seafood from Patriotlobster.Com & Patriot Seafoods you help us to support our local fishing fleet. We buy the daily catch from each vessel at a fair market price. Then we are able to pass that value & freshness directly to you. "we are proud to support our local federal & state fishing vessels everyday of the year".

$ 10.00

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$ 125.00

Live Lobster - Eight Pounder's

Super Jumbo Live Lobster 8.0-8.99 lbs each are the perfect size for bake stuffing. A big hit with football fans for those big game bets!

$ 85.00

Live Lobster - Four Pounder's

Jumbo "4 Pounder's" Lobsters are perfect for baked stuffing, or making lobster rolls the New England way and sharing with a friend. A jumbo of a good meal!

$ 13.00

Live Lobster - One Claw

One Claw live lobsters are called "culls" and many chefs gobble them up quick because they offer a higher tail meat ratio. We buy direct so we have plenty left!

$ 100.00

Live Lobster - Six Pounder's

Six pound live lobsters are perfect for the hearty appetite, bake stuffing or making a big lobster salad for friend and family.

$ 67.00

Live Lobster - Three Pounder's

Live Lobsters 3.00-3.99 lbs. each. We buy our lobsters direct from our local fishing fleet everyday! We offer live lobsters in different sizes one for every appetite!

$ 24.00

Live Lobster 1 & 1/2 lbs.

1.50-1.74 lb Live Lobsters are called "Halves" The most popular size for the medium lobster appetite. "We buy direct from our local lobster fleet daily".

$ 14.00

Live Lobster 1.0-1.24 lbs.

1.0-1.24 lb Live Lobsters are called "Chix" Order two and thrill your guests when you tell them to have another! "We buy direct from our local lobster fleet daily".

$ 42.00

Live Lobster 2.0-2.49 lbs.

Live Lobsters called Small Selects are 2.0-2.50 lbs. Each lobster is in the most sought after size range. Perfect for the larger lobster appetite your guests have

$ 50.00

Live Lobster 2.50-2.99 lbs.

Live Lobsters that are on the larger side of the "Select" size lobsters, they are the most sought after. Perfect for the larger lobster lover appetite.



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