Steamer Clams

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Native  Steamer Clams

A Yankee tradition for generations, and a must have for every authentic New England Clambake or lobster bake. Steamer Clams (soft shell) are sweet to eat with hot drawn broth and then dipped in savory butter. Just steam them until they pop open and enjoy. Steamer Clams should be thoroughly rinsed before cooking to remove natural sand.

The New England Clam Bake is a traditional preparation that includes clams layered with other ingredients such as corn, lobster, mussels, crabs, potatoes, and onions in a metal bucket. The layers are separated by seaweed and steamed over a fire outdoors and served family style as at a picnic.

To prepare steamed clams, live clams are rinsed carefully to remove sand and grit and then cooked in a large kettle of water with salt added. They are served with broth and melted butter for dipping. Lemon juice, beer, garlic, shallots, parsley, and wine are sometimes used for flavoring and to season the broth.

Steamers can be held by the siphon or "neck" when eaten. The covering of black skin is pulled away and removed as the clams are ingested.


  • Average 10-15 Per Lb.
  • Live - Not To Be Eaten Raw
  • Average Appetizer Is 1-2 Lbs. Per Person
  • Sold By The Pound
  • Ship Within Continental U.S.A. Only

 Steamer clams

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