Lobster Meat - All Tail

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Fresh Tail Lobster Meat

Fresh Lobster Meat Tails are the perfect style of picked meat to serve your guests. You can serve them whole to really "WOW" your guest. Tails will be delivered fresh to your door for your serving pleasure! Enjoy yourself or with your friends and family.


  • All Tail Meat
  • Fresh Cooked
  • Wild Caught
  • 100% Natural
  • Sold By The Pound
  • Homarus Americanus
  • Ship Within Continental U.S.A. Only

Lobster rolls in Maine are characteristically served on a New England style hot dog bun which is split on the top instead of the side and has flat sides for grilling. The lobster meat is usually served cold, rather than warm or hot, and mayonnaise is typically spread inside the bun or tossed with the meat. The filling consists of chunked knuckle, claw, and lobster tail, and only lightly seasoned if at all, and is otherwise plain. Four ounces is a standard serving size.

Lobster meat tail

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